jNav program

jNav - The first game navigation system

jNav helps you to travel from a point to another in your game. You only need to follow the pink line that appears on the map.


The main screen.
Choosing a destination.
Routing "in action" (note the pink line).
NB: the pictures shown above are taken in Windows 7 running jNav v1.0 with GTA:SOL v 51.9 map.

Current Features

Future features


Old versions -- not working with Windows 8:

Installation instructions

  1. Make sure you have Java (at least v. 7). If not go to http://www.java.com and install it.
  2. Unzip the downloaded file in a folder.
  3. Now double click on "Start program" or "Start program.bat". Note that you need administrator rights
  4. Run the game in windowed mode and move the window (with ALT + SPACE > Move and then using arrow keys) to a corner.


Feel free to write an email to julius_DOT_g_AT_alice_DOT_it ! I check this email regularly and I'll help you.